Is it possible to insure a few insurance companies?

You can insure the vehicle in several insurance companies. But first, you have to in the application for insurance to report all prisoners, or a contract of insurance of the vehicle with other insurance companies, and secondly if you will need to obtain insurance compensation, it shall be paid in proportion of the sum insured under the contract concluded by the total sum insured on all insurance contract. For example, if you have insured the vehicle in the same insurance company for $ 3,000, and the other - for $ 5000, that is, then when the insured event you can count on maximum insurance benefit in 3000 of the first $ x 37,5% = $ 1,125 (37.5% = 3000 / (3000 +5000)), the second 5000 x 3125 = 62.5% $ (62.5% = 5000 / (3000 +5000)). Total max refund is $ 4250

Insured property insurance can be any person, but the insurance contract shall be entered into only for the benefit of persons having an interest in the preservation of this property (p.1 st.930 Civil Code), otherwise the contract is invalid on the basis of paragraph 2 of the Civil Code st.930 . This means that policy can be purchased by anyone (in this case, it appears the insured), but if the car an insurance case - damage or theft - an insurance payment will get only the owner of the insured object is interested in preserving it. That is, the owner is the beneficiary (recipient of the insurance payments) under a contract of insurance.

As a rule of thumb, the insured and the beneficiary is the same person, because who else other than you, the owner of the machine, will want to insure it? Therefore it is necessary to bear in mind that if the car is actually exploiting only you, but do not own this car, so that the insurance contract was concluded in your favor, you must have a general power of attorney to the specified vehicle. Should be distinguished from the general power of attorney power of attorney for driving. General power of attorney authorizes the use and control a motor vehicle belonging to the owner, to monitor the technical condition of the car, the car owner to submit to the traffic police, pass inspection, to sign for the owner and perform all the actions associated with this request. General power of attorney must be notarized, as opposed to the power of attorney to driving, which can be made in writing (ie, written in free form with the trustee and the personal signature of the owner). Without a general power of attorney you can only enter into a contract of insurance in favor of the owner of the vehicle or to a person having a general power of attorney on the car.

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