Fire Too Close To Home

This picture from the Port Huron Times Herald story is very disturbing to me. My home is on the other side of this fire wall, and I was watching it get closer and closer as I was posting last night.

At one point we were trying to figure out how we were going to get 3 people, 2 big dogs and 5 cats into Steve's little Ford Ranger (of course Shannon was on the mainland with the huge Suburban) when suddenly the fire was out

Thank you - Thank you to all the firefighters from all the different locations who came here to help put out this blaze, as well as all others who came to help

Hearing today that this was the second fire, deliberately set, was very disturbing to all of us on Harsen's Island.

Who on earth would want to risk our lives and those of our family, friends and pets, let alone potentially destroy our homes and property....I hope they catch this coward(s) and give 'em the max!

Anyone with information about the second fire, please contact Clay Township Police 810-794-9381.

Even if you think your information is not important, when added to other bits and pieces of information it can add up to finding this person(s) and getting justice.

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