The order of payment for stealing vehicles in insurance

The order of payment for stealing vehicles
For insurance reimbursement for stealing a car requires a certificate of a criminal case. After obtaining her insurance indemnity is paid within the prescribed period rules. Sometimes, in order to get the insurance money, it is necessary to suspend criminal proceedings (within 3 months after its initiation, if the thief is not found). In case of insurance, this should be clarified, especially if the indemnity is paid at the date of theft. Most companies pay compensation only in the event of theft (secret theft) of the car, that is when the open a criminal case under article 166 of the Criminal Code "Hijacking. Unlawful seizure of a car without the intent to steal," will be reclassified under Article 158 of the Criminal Code "Theft". This process usually takes about two months. Other companies will pay in the event that the insured had to part with the car as a result of a robbery or assault.
How are insurance reimbursement

Payments can be made in three ways:
Car is sent to a workshop (workshop), which cooperates with the insurer. The contract with service centers have virtually all insurance companies, may also be paid by the account garages, car owners provided
-Losses can be compensated for in monetary terms, and the sum can be calculated according to certain criteria (such as costing, compiled on the basis of the regional average prices)

In the first case, the insurance company has to organize all of the work necessary to repair the car and conduct a workshop calculations. In the second case, the repair can be carried out at any service station. And the cost of the policy may increase, including due to the complex procedure of examination for damage, if they have not previously been discovered by experts of the insurance company. Here, the policyholder is required increased attention to existing restrictions in the regulations on the cost of standard-hour operation to repair the car. In the third case, at the expense of the insurance indemnity insurer may apply to any workshop. As in the previous case, he may face the problem of a more complex procedure of examination of damage, not identified by the insurer, as well as the fact that the resulting sum insured does not compensate for the cost of repairing the vehicle for the selected workshop.

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