A tic tac toe game for children of multiple disabilities

The PB & J Toy Company recently was so kind as to send me a copy of their game Tic Attack Toe to review.  These are my opinions on the game and not an advertisement for PB & J.

Tic Attach Toe is basically a game of tic tac toe, but with some twists.  Instead of playing on paper, you have cards and the cards are shaped as either X's or O's.  The cards also have numbers on them.  There are also score cards.  When you win a round, you get a score card.  The winner is the first person to get 5 score cards.

I think that this is a perfect "keep them busy, till the food gets here" toy. It comes in a great holder, which makes it easy to throw in a purse or pocket to take to the restaurant.  It also helps you from losing the cards.  The holder then becomes the game board, so that the cards aren't going all over the place.

I also like that there is a limit of games to play until someone wins.  There have been times, I have had to play tic tac toe for what seems forever.  With this game, you can tell your child you will play until someone wins and then it is time to do something else.

The concept of the game is similar to tic tac toe, except that you only put a card in an empty space or over a card with a lower number value.  Therefore, you are working on counting skills while you play the game.  It  is very easy to understand and pick up.  Read the directions of how to play. They only thing we really didn't get when we played was the wild card.  It didn't seem to have any real value.  The girls I was playing with didn't like that part of the game at all.

This is an easy game to make modifications to so that kids of different ages and abilities can play together at the same level.  A younger child can just play with the x's and o's, while the older child has to follow the counting rules.

For a child with a developmental disability who likes cards, there are many different ways you can play with them beyond the game.  They can sort by color--the x's are red and o's are blue.  They can sort by shape.  They can match numbers or put the numbers in order. To practice fine motor, you can make up a game where they have to pick up the card and put it into the game board within a certain amount of time.

Overall, I think this a very versatile game at a reasonable price of less than $10.  I think it can be especially valuable for a child that can not hold a pencil, can't sit still at a restaurant, or needs to practice colors or counting in a game format.

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