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In Krymsk court case concerning the negligent officials during last year's floods, which resulted in many casualties. The Prosecutor's Office said the withdrawal of all the judges on the basis of their personal interest
On the morning of Tuesday the Crimean District Court began preliminary hearings in the case about a flood in Krimsk on 2012 year, resulting in many casualties.

In the morning, the courthouse was cordoned off by police since the hearings are held behind closed doors. The hearing was also attended by the flood-affected residents of Crimea.

The Prosecutor's Office filed a motion for the disqualification of Kuban all ministries judges on the case because of their personal interest in the outcome of the case, which was granted by the Court. " State Prosecutor of Krasnodar region Prosecutor's Office Dmitry Murza filed a motion to withdraw all the judges Of the District Court because of their personal interest in the case at hand, the ", the Interfax agency said " ", head of the Prosecutor's Office Andrei gosobvinitelej Kubany Stepanyan.

According to him, the number of employees of the Court is the wife of one of the accused, ex-Mayor Vladimir Ulanovskogo Crimea, and court employees are relatives of the victims of the floods.

There certainly should be looked for independent judges, only where to take them. Can borrow overseas?

In the framework of the criminal case brought to justice in addition to Ulanovskogo former Chief of staff of the Crimean region Vassily Krutko, the acting EMERGENCY SITUATIONS Prevention Department of the Crimean region Viktor Zhdanov and ex-head of Ni┼żnebakanskogo rural settlement area Irina Ryabchenko.

All of them are accused of negligence (article 293 CRIMINAL CODE of Russia). In addition, Krutko, Ulanovskiy and Ryabchenko charged with forgery (article 292 of the Criminal Code) and Zhdanov, of attempted fraud in obtaining payments (part 3, article 30 Article 159 of the Criminal Code).

The massacre of civilians at us now called negligence.

Krutko Zhdanov and arrested, and Ulanovskomu at the end of March, the detention was replaced by house arrest due to deteriorating health.

According to investigators, in July last year, all four accused, knowing the possible occurrence of an emergency situation on the territory of the Crimean region, did not provide adequate warning about the danger of the order and its evacuation to safe areas. They also failed to take measures relating to the prevention and reduction of possible damage as a result of an emergency.

Yes once they do that, their business above all. Hoping to maybe but instead maybe trouble came.

Reckless actions Krutko, Ulanovskogo, Ryabchenko and Zhdanov had led to the deaths of 153 people, offered disappearance of two citizens and the infliction of serious harm to health of five local residents during a disaster 6-7 July 2012 year, finds the investigation.

All except Zhdanova, have also been accused of being instructed subordinates to prepare and draw up an official documents containing false information about their alleged action early. In particular, the documents were documented meeting of the Commission for emergency situations, the emergency situation of " " with appropriate purposes of warning and rescue people. All documents were backdated.

The Zhdanov-a supplementary article, in addition to negligence it is accused of attempted fraud at registration of lumpsum material aid to those affected by the emergency. Investigators believed that the accused entered your address to the list of houses affected by the flooding. This list was compiled by subordinates Zhdanov.

Meanwhile, the official authentically knew that his home not only damaged but were not in the zone of flooding. Despite this, he and four of his family members were included in the list of people affected by DISASTER, and laid claim to obtain 50 k. rubles. These unlawful actions were promptly halted the investigation.

To recap, high water on the night of July 7, 2012 sank 7.2 thousand. houses in the cities of Novorossiisk and Gelendzhik, Russia, as well as in several towns of Krasnodar region. Water in thousands of homes was disrupted electricity, gas and water supply. Most affected Crimean region. Just for the Krasnodar realm has killed 168 people, the number of injured has risen to 30 thousand. man. One of the reasons many victims identified was that the region lacked modern alert system on CHP.

Here, a dock, the main person involved lacks a Governor tkachev and tragedy of his gang.

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