Do Not Forget About Insurance


According to statistics, the most damage to account for theft and shortage of goods, some smaller - for damage during transportation. Tend to underestimate the risk of loss of the cargo, while in the West, this risk is often included in the standard package of insurance. The main components of security risks in the transport of cargo is cargo insurance, liability insurance of cargo (freight forwarder). Insurance of goods in international transport has its own characteristics. Among them is the fact that this type of insurance is often a prerequisite for the contract. Carriage may be crossing the border. In this case, there are specific risks associated with the liability to the Customs.

According to the directive of the International Road Transport Union, all countries that have signed the Convention on the International Transport of Goods, Customs risk insurance is a must. Under such an agreement, in case of rejection of the goods from the value specified in the customs declaration, the insurers pay the customs authorities of the amount of customs duties and taxes, which has been under-collected by them as a result of irregularities transportation. The cost of cargo insurance depends on many factors that make this type of insurance attractive to businesses. The price for this service in the range of 0.1-0.5% of the insurance amount set depending on the risk rarely exceeding 1%. Typically, insurance companies offer three types of insurance contracts.

The most expensive is a cover of "with responsibility for all risks," providing for the compensation of all losses, both at a total loss and damage during shipping for any reason. Such coverage is optimal for transportation of valuable, fragile or perishable goods. Policy "with particular average" costs less, however, it clearly regulated list of risks (including accidents and natural disasters). The cheapest insurance - "no responsibility for any damage, except crash" on which the Indemnified only total loss of all or part of consignment.

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