Settlement of small events in Insurance

Caution - wear!
In the case of total destruction of the vehicle or theft, the insurance indemnity is paid within the sum insured, but with the wear and tear of the vehicle, the value of which is calculated by the insurer. The rules of insurance must indicate how this percentage. Each insurer sets its depreciation rates. That is the normal wear and tear and need to find out for insurance.

Some insurance companies for damages, also take into account the depreciation of the vehicle. For example, the cost of parts that must be replaced after an accident on a four-car is $ 2,000. But given the fact that they are worn by about 40%, the insurer will pay the victim for the newly delivered items $ 1,200. The difference between the required amount and insurance payments will reimburse the owner of the policy. Conflicts are resolved or after independent examination or, if it did not lead to any decision in court.

The course of payment
Insurers generally offer a set sum insured under the contract in a foreign currency. The contract of insurance shall be reflected on the exchange rate is the insurer will make payment. Typically, there are two options: the payout rate on the date of the insured event or the redemption of the exchange rate at the date of the insurance act. You should also pay attention to whether there is a contract restriction on the growth of the exchange rate at which the payment will be made.

Settlement of small events
Many insurers do not require the help of traffic police or the conclusion of the police, if the amount of the damage does not exceed a certain percentage (3-7%). Insurance rules define which injuries are considered minor. Such insurance may pay as a time, so to infinity in the period of the contract (depending on the insurance company). Settlement of small events need to know in order to be able to get the necessary information on time and do not lose their insurance claim

Failures in damages in case of accident
The rules of car insurance there are conditions under which the event is not insurance and compensation is paid. Besides the obvious exceptions (making an accident with alcohol or drug intoxication; persons who do not have a driver's license to operate vehicles in this category, and so on), this event may be occurring as a result of gross negligence of the insured. It is important to know what the circumstances are in terms of the insurer's gross, including, if they were the fault of the insured. If there is no clear definition - it is necessary to find another insurer.

Additional services
Evacuation from the accident scene and Support Typically, many more services are offered under a subscription contract and appear around the clock. Prices for these services at the user's service is much cheaper than the one-time appeals These may include:
• legal assistance in case of accident;
• evacuation from the accident scene, and technical support;
• check the security on the scene of an accident, etc.

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