If the insured event occurred

  • Stop the vehicle, switch on the hazard warning lights and set the warning triangle
  • Call by phone. 02 or via the Traffic Police on duty on the city of Chelyabinsk, tel. 256-30-02 to the accident the traffic police and, if necessary, "AMBULANCE" and stay in place prior to their arrival.
  • Before the arrival of traffic police officers not to pay compensation does not accept any partially or completely presented for you to claim or demand, do not accept any liability for the settlement of such claims.
  • Try to visit the traffic police do not conduct any negotiations on the guilt of any of the participants of the accident.
  • If possible, write down the coordinates of the other participants of the accident (name, address, grade, Reg. room a / m), the names and addresses of eyewitnesses. Before the arrival of the traffic police inspector not to remove the vehicle from the accident scene, do not move things related to the accident. Release the roadway only if the traffic flow is not possible, pre-fixing on the road in front of witnesses position of the vehicle at the accident scene.
  • any document at the accident scene: Due to the introduction, on 1 July 2002 of the Code of Administrative Offences (the Code), the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the full, complete, objective and timely determine each administrative violations in the field Traffic developed "Guidelines for the Operation of Internal Affairs in the manufacture of cases on administrative violations in the field of traffic" (the Guidelines). In accordance with Art. 28.2 of the Code for committing an administrative violation in the field of traffic, a protocol on administrative violation (application number 1 and 2 to the Methodical recommendations). A copy of the administrative report is handed a receipt to an individual or a legal representative of a legal person against whom a criminal case concerning an administrative offense, as well as to the victim upon request. This provision is part 6 of the Code and st.28.2 is mandatory for members of the traffic police, traffic police. When making materials in fact of an accident that resulted in damage to property shall be issued certificates of participation in an accident (application number 12 to the Methodical recommendations) with the truck received mechanical damage. Thus, when the insured vehicle is damaged Insured shall provide to the Company all of the above in the "Rules (general conditions) insurance of motor vehicles' documents (except for the help of the traffic police prescribed form number 2) and:

  1. A copy of the protocol on administrative violation
  2. Certificate of participation in an accident with an indication of mechanical damage produced by road.

  • Carefully check the completeness of the information contained in these documents. h) In terms established by the insurance company to report an accident.

Note. In case of refusal of the protocol (copies of the minutes) by MIA, must be received by an ordinary certificate attesting to the registration of the incident, indicating damage to vehicles of participants, their status at the time of an accident, whether they have a driver's license appropriate category and the guilty party. In the case of a total failure of employees of traffic police to issue a document confirming the fact of the accident, try to write down the name of the traffic police department, name and title, as well as the registration number, make and color of car, name and addresses of the other participants of the accident.
In all other cases, you need to apply to institutions that confirm the fact and circumstances of the insured event: - the hijacking: an urgent call to the police by phone. 02 or Traffic Police on duty at Chelyabinsk by phone.) (A certificate from the police to initiate criminal proceedings);

- In case of fire: call tel. 01 Department of Gospozhnadzora (a certificate from the fire department);
- If the damage from the crime and hooliganism: Call by phone. 02 employees at the scene of the local police (except in cases where the insurance company can repair the damage without help from the police). This may be damage to glass cabin, optics, mirrors, antennas, moldings and emblems, as well as cases of paint damage when not needed repair parts. If you are in doubt, call the police officers);
- With spontaneous natural phenomena falling on the vehicle of foreign objects: the police station. Write to the local police station (Gospozhnadzora) about the incident. Get help from the police (Gospozhnadzora) or decision upon appeal. Immediately after the call to the police (Gospozhnadzor), you must notify the insurer of the incident. Each company has its own period of time allowed for such notification. Failure to comply with a time limit may be cause for denial of the insurance claim. Some insurers sent to the scene of his representative who personally inspects all the damage and make conclusions. After that, for a certain period to give the insurer the documents as listed in the contract or insurance regulations. Usually it is: the original policy, a statement of the insured event in the prescribed form, registration documents for the vehicle, the documents of the Interior, traffic police, fire inspection, investigative, judicial, medical facilities, etc., confirming the fact and circumstances of the insurance (accident, embezzlement, theft, fire, illegal actions of third parties, etc.), or estimates for repairs, were representatives of the insurer, a visiting expert or the undertaking to repair cars. The estimates are generally prepared on the basis of the current on the date of the insured event listings retail prices of spare parts, components and accessories for vehicles and listings of prices for repairs.

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