What you should know when car insurance

What you should know when car insurance, car insurance against damage and theft.

"Damages" - damage to or destruction of the vehicle (vehicle) or its parts as a result of road traffic accidents (except for damage to the tires, if it is not damaged TC), fire, explosion, acts of nature, falling on the vehicle of foreign objects, as well as a result of illegal actions of third parties (including the theft of parts and components TC).

Road - traffic accidents (RTA) - an event that has arisen in the course of on-road vehicle and with his participation, which killed or injured people, damaged vehicles, cargo, and installations. (Rules of the Road Traffic 23.11.93, effective from 1 July 1994).

Fire. The car is insured against fire for any reason.

Acts of third parties - is any damage that may be caused to your vehicle by third parties. It's the broken windows and headlights, theft radios, wheels, company logos, that is, any part of the vehicle and its accessories. Also refer to the illegal actions of damage to the car parked in your absence.

Falling objects - it's snow, ice, trees, branches, parts of buildings and objects thrown out of the window, etc.

"Theft" - the loss of the insured vehicle (TC) as a result of theft, robbery, robbery.

Naturally, different insurance companies at risk of damage understand different risks, so you need to carefully read the text of the agreement and the rules of insurance to understand from what is really safe car. Usually a car or insure only against damage or theft, and damage at the same time. A rare exception - a special insurance program providing for the installation of a car anti-theft and expensive search engines (such as Lo-jack).

Accessories - something that is not included in the basic kit car (car radios, TVs, amplifiers, speakers, interior trim, etc.). Insurance of additional equipment is made only if the security of the vehicle. In this case, additional equipment is insured against the same events as the TS. That is, if the vehicle is insured for the risk of "damage" that is not an insurance theft case additional equipment as a result of theft.

II. What determines the premium

Insurance premium vehicle against damage and theft depends on many factors:
• Vehicle
• Year
• The capacity and condition of the vehicle;
• The age, driving experience the insured and the persons entitled to drive;
• Storage and safety of the car (garage, parking, security);
• The nature of the car;
• The value of the sum insured;
• Additional terms of insurance;
• other factors.

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