Car insurance today one of the most pressing issues for each motorist

Car insurance today one of the most pressing issues for each motorist. The increased volume of cars, and with them, and accidents on the roads, has to ensure that serious thought as to compensate for the damage yourself after an accident, or pay the owner of an expensive foreign car if you accidentally scratched his "iron horse."
Getting CTP policy - one of the mandatory conditions that apply to car owners.
The main objective is to introduce CTP compensation side, suffered in an accident and found not guilty for what happened. This means that if your fault accident happened in the course of which harmed the health or property of the other party, the insurance company is obliged to repair the damage this side. This applies in particular, if you break a window of a shop or entered into any structure.
Original law on CTP (compulsory third party motor insurance) was adopted in Russia in the summer of 2003. After a few years in the law have made some important changes, which came into force in spring 2008.

Sanctions to the driver in the absence of CTP
If you took a chance and decided to do without any mandatory car insurance, you will face a fine, the amount of which will be from 5 to 8 times the minimum wage. Where the conditions specified in the policy CTP, you will have to pay a fine, the amount of which shall be three minimum wages.

Necessary documents for the purchase of CTP policy
Going to the insurance company, make sure that you have the full set of required documents: your passport, a passport for the vehicle and driver's license of persons who will operate this vehicle. And if you are not the official owner of the vehicle, in addition to this you will need a Power of Attorney from the owner for the right car insurance.

Fees and Compensation
Base rates, which you can purchase liability insurance policy tool are fixed and the same for all insurance companies. So if you find the information that the company offers policies at low prices, keep in mind that most likely there lies a catch.
Thus on the final cost of CTP affected by the following factors: the region of vehicle registration, driver's age and experience, the power of your car, the number of accidents (or lack thereof) during the previous contract period.
If your driving history is not an emergency, can count on a good discount from the insurance company.
An important detail was included in the law on CTP in 2008. Motorist caught in an accident, and then peresevshy new car, will not be eligible for a discount when buying a CTP policy, as will now be taken into account the entire history of driving the vehicle.

According to a further amendment in 2008, in the case of injury to life or health of several participants of the accident (including pedestrians), the insurance company will pay compensation of up to 160,000 rubles. each victim (formerly amount of insurance payments do not exceed 240,000 rubles. victims at all).

At the same time, the insurance compensation for damage to the property remains the same - to 120,000 rubles. for each victim (the total compensation for all victims should not exceed 160,000 rubles.).

Increase the amount of insurance payments in the event of an accident can be achieved by registration of the "expanded CTP." This is a voluntary addition to the mandatory insurance policy can be very useful if you have caused serious damage to expensive car, and the amount of the standard CTP is not enough to compensate for the damage to the injured party. Tariffs which are available extension CTP policy are different for different insurance companies.
We draw your attention to an important change made to the law on compulsory motor TPL insurance in 2008: the driver, recognized in an accident as the injured party, can now apply for an insurance compensation in the insurance company. Previously, the law provided for appeal to the insurance company, where he was decorated CTP policy culprit.
Upon receipt of the sum insured, please note that the company will compensate you the cost of repairs and the purchase details with the wear of the car, thus, the amount received may be less than the actual costs.

The contract CTP
The term of the contract of insurance - one calendar year. In this case, the contract may be specifically stipulated period in which you will operate the car. Since 2008, the minimum period of vehicle use by individuals is three months a year, and legal persons - six months in the year. Unfortunately, the smaller the period of operation of the vehicle, the less will be profitable for you the cost of insurance.

To the dismay of many motorists, in 2008, was repealed point of law, according to which the driver was free to use the vehicle for another month after the expiration of the contract CTP.
By signing the contract, make sure that you still have the original documents, as well as the paid receipt, which should be kept for the entire insurance period.

Termination of the contract with the insurance company CTP possible in case of loss or theft of the vehicle, death of the owner of the vehicle as well as the sale of the vehicle to the new owner.

Recommended make for themselves a useful reminder: if I sell the car, you will remain its official owner, and the new owner will go on general power of attorney, received from you, terminate the contract CTP is not necessary. In this case, it is enough to enter the new owner in your insurance policy and pay the required amount.

The period of consideration of applications from motorists insurance companies, according to the amendments to the law, increased to thirty days, whereas before the term was halved. In case the required thirty days have expired, and the insurance company is not in a hurry to pay you the sum insured, the law provides for the recovery of damages from the insurance company at the rate of 1/75 of the amount of damages for the number of days outstanding. In this case, the law stipulates that in any case the total amount of liquidated damages shall not exceed the amount of insurance coverage.

The territory of the insured event, starting in 2008, the territory of the insured event also recognized yards, gas stations and parking lots, that is, all the territories that were not previously subject to the CTP, and in the case of what happened to them an accident, the driver could not rely on the insurance payment.

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