Heroes of our time

Oposlâ rain Thursday
Ladies back yet awarded over,
Only you really try,
To the people I overthrew!..
Well, I was right there--
Will reward you for work:
Blacksmiths made zadan′e-
Order to skuût by tomorrow morning!
(Leonid Filatov

In Soviet times, our officials and the word "oligarh" we still did not know well or could not be a hero if you're vorueš′. But there was a thaw and Gorbachev's perestroika, there's generally forgotten about medal′kah and orders. Yes, and who at the time was rewarded when shaken country. But on the horizon went 90-e and became heroes of the vory v zakone. The truth is not a medal hung, but nevertheless crowned for money that once played on a post or a Deputy. The country flooded the Crimson jackets, fashion accessory for the little businessman malskyy's broad expertise. Who is navarilsâ on bardake, began to feel the lack of attention from the press and the people.
Here a solution was found, no medalek and orders you can become Earl or lean against the illegitimate son of Prince, the white General fought with Hydra of communism.

But the fashion soon passed, well not like we have people these bloodsuckers, still with the school program the Soviet education. It went hostile whirlwinds, which began to sweep away those modern animals. But time passed and other Democrats came to power and remembering history lesson on buržuâh, did not burst in and granted by the Princes and came up with a new move. Since they have such ignorant people that he refers to scientists with confidence. Here and gone to write a doctorate and master's degrees. True human Flash, so they could not have solved all the money! Buying a book a scientist or a doctor these bachelors have moved into power, and under the protection of the party that their EP does not.

But education is education and not be punished, especially with the formation of parochial schools.
The sages sat down in the Duma, but latter-day Flash wisely started offering their delusional laws. Anything that pulled the country into primal story, but Kudos to leave a trace in the history above all. But the secret becomes obvious and lžeučenyh display on clean water. Some were anchored, proving that he has the mind and the honour of our age and bought a doctor and not having closed eyes at night, wrote a treatise on the cultivation of scarab beetle and its use in agriculture.

True to not offend their loyal to the vorovskomu community, the leader decided to revive the ordenoček hero of labor. Those who ran out of doctoral and candidate and exiled academics, will now be brandishing their medal′kami and ordenkami.
Well can not elite without awards as simple people. And don't ever write that will offer such a simple official ohrenitel′nyj law by which the country moved toward their luck and only under the leadership of the great Siberian Crane has made this possible!

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