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Consider carefully whether loan consolidation is your best choice. Loan consolidation can significantly simplify the repayment of loans to centralize in a single account. Additionally, you can reduce your monthly payments to grant up to 30 years to repay their loans. You may have access to alternative payment plans which would have had access to before, and will have the ability to change their loans with variable interest rate for those with fixed interest rate.

However, if you extend the term of the payment period, you must make more payments and pay more in interest. Compare your current monthly payments with the amount that they would represent if their loans were consolidated.

You should also consider the impact of losing those borrower benefits that were offered with the original loans. The benefits of your original loan borrower that may include discounts on interest rates, returns a portion of the capital or some loan cancellation benefits can significantly reduce the cost of repayment of their loans. You could lose those benefits when performing consolidation.

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By consolidating your student loans you combine your federal loans and alone with only a single monthly repayment. This may reduce repayments required repayment plan under 10 years. Only lenders who are under federal loan program of family education (FFEL) Consolidation loans can provide. You can consolidate your loans as banks, credit unions, secondary markets and other lenders as well as private education lenders. The government provides loans under the Federal Direct Loan Program William D. Ford (Direct Loan).

If you have a federal education loan then you are most likely eligible for student loan consolidation. This also applies to subsidized and unsubsidized Direct and FFEL loans, federal loans nursing, SLS and loan aid health Edu. But if you have a student loan is private then you may not consolidate your federal student loan. And if you are a parent then you may also qualify for loan consolidation.

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In compliance with Law University Cost Reduction ments and Access to Higher Education 2007, Congress created the Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Employees. According to the provisions of new program, the borrower may qualify for forgiveness of the outstanding balance of their federal education loans considered forgivable, after making 120 monthly under certain repayment plans while employed certain fields of "public service". This leaf information explaining the provisions of the new program.

You can cancel any credit extended measurement to the Direct Loan Program, provided
that is not in default of payment. For information on other federal loans you can cancel, see for (later). The Direct Loan Program includes the follows:
• Federal Direct Loans Stafford / Ford Loans (Direct subsidized interest)
• Federal Direct Loans Stafford / Unsubsidized Ford Loans (Direct Unsubsidized interest)
• Federal Direct PLUS Loans (Direct Loans PLUS you): for parents and graduate students
• CONSOLIDATION Federal Direct Loans ion (Direct Consolidation Loans)

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