Progressive Insurance is Owned by Peter Lewis

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You know their TV commercials, the ones featuring the ditsy actress all dressed in white.
What you might not know is that the Chairman of Progressive is Peter Lewis,
one of the major funders of leftist causes in America ..

Between 2001 and 2003, Lewis funneled $15 million to the ACLU,
the group most responsible for destroying what’s left of Americas Judeo-Christian heritage.

Lewis also gave $12.5 million to and America Coming Together,
two key propaganda arms of the socialist left.

His funding for these groups was conditional on matching contributions from George Soros,
the America-hating socialist who is the chief financier of the Obama political machine.

Lewis made a fortune as a result of capitalism, but now finances a progressive movement that threatens
to destroy the American free enterprise system that is targeting television shows on Fox News.

Peter Lewis is making a fortune off of conservative Americans (who buy his auto insurance) that he then applies to dismantle the very system that made him wealthy. He’s banking on no one finding out who he is,
so STOP buying Progressive Insurance and pass this information on to all your friends..

Chairman Lewis’ gift helps the ACLU promote their anti-Christmas agenda such as:
· Removing nativity scenes from public property
· Banning songs such as Silent Night from schools
· Refusing to allow students to write about the Christian aspect of Christmas in school projects
· Renaming Christmas break Winter break
· Refusing to allow a city sponsored Christmas parade to be called a Christmas parade
· Not allowing a Christmas tree in a public school
· Renaming a Christmas tree displayed on public property a Holiday tree
In addition to their war on Christmas, the ACLU uses gifts like that from Chairman Lewis to:
· Sue states to force them to legalize homosexual marriage
· Force libraries to remove porn filters from their computers
· Sue the Boy Scouts to force them to accept homosexuals as scout leaders
· Help legalize child pornography
· Legalize live sex acts in bars in Oregon
· Protect the North American Man Boy Love Association whose motto is “sex by eight or it is too late”
· Censor student led prayer at graduation
· Remove “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance
· Remove “In God We Trust” on our currency

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All of a sudden I don’t care for their “funny commercials”.


1. Progressive Insurance – Peter Lewis Donations •••
Has Progressive Insurance chairman Peter Lewis donated millions of dollars to the ACLU and liberal political causes?
…Present Progressive Claim: Progressive Insurance chairman Peter Lewis has donated millions of dollars to the ACLU and liberal political causes….
…know is that the chairman of Progressive is Peter Lewis, one of the largest funders of the left in America .. He’s your typical rich spoiled kid who took…
…fear of exposure. I wonder what he would think if all his own employees came to work drugged out every day. Lewis also gave $125 million to…
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