Latest technology for car from Siemens Corporation and Ehrle Carwash

Car Wash Line mode based on technology and system solutions ETRONIC 4 are completely new to Ehrle - the most modern car wash plant.
modern car wash plant

Data and settings self service car wash coin from Ehrle can be controlled remotely via GSM or Internet.
car wash service

The old system was replaced with ETRONIC 4, which is the fruit of cooperation with engineers from Siemens Corporation. It is a completely new, modern and innovative control now available for car wash industry. Ehrle laundries owners can now choose between two types:

Basic - as standard technology ETRONIC Line Module 4, Touch panel SIEMENS computer integrated or via ISDN / DSL modem or GSM, Ehrle car wash owner or manager has access to all basic settings: working time, happy hours or other marketing mechanisms that can be implemented, chemical dosing and at all income statistics given period. Basic system provides information on basic parameters of the car wash business, and transmission service alerts. Central computer communicates with the control panel responsible for each track cleaning.

Comfort - this system service enables people to make a diagnosis EHRLE remote and analyze service issues via touch screen 12.1''. Car wash owner or manager has access to more information on the touch panel computer or via ISDN / DSL modem or GSM, as follows: the state of each module supply consumables, and other information about each track cleaning. The system is available in CM2 and CM3 version individually or as a package at the investor's request. CM2 controls all the car washes on the computer screen, depending displayed as graphical scheme of all elements of car washes. The following parameters are available, among other things: control the operating pressure of the water, the water pressure in the water system, the water osmotic or freeze prevention system car washes. In addition, the updated version CM3 looks solid detergent consumption by micro PEARL POWDER POWER MICRO , Ehrle UltraProtection the car wax and polish the liquid's SUPERFINISH Ehrle.

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