How to repair a washing machine

If you have any problems with the washing machine before you call the service engineer in charge, it's good to keep in mind some tips.

repair washing machine

Sunday. Washing machine fire water and set the program begins an hour and 40 minutes. Wash long, carefree. After 15 minutes of operation of the bath is heard a strange noise as if the engine is idling it. What to do in this case if you understand least? Picking up the phone and call the debugger. The man knows what it is that we also visited. A kind Machines Electrolux generation 2010 has no way to spoil one two, I say. Although we've been there: we jumped and tank amongst others chasing spring and washer that will not break the bathroom walls. Finally, get our man on the spot. He looked a little washing machine, a shilling outlet and uses a program he knew only as to detect errors. In my mind that you would be better to take a car like this that has and antivirus.

Carefully read the service book

Man resets the system after passing through 10 simple operations, all button located on the machine. Then bring the point 0:01 restarts. What to see car ready reset it as new. There's no problem, but one lap of 16 minutes all its done to see if there are errors. The conclusion is simple: visit was cheap because it did not change any part, and from now on we go reset option if you do figure. Explanation "engineer" who was in charge of solving the case was simple: "you may have excessive humidity in the bathroom and washing machine may not have recognized certain operations. Hence the fact that he stopped at one point, refusing to stop working after normal hours ". My advice after this story is to read the book with reliable service and follow the steps to reset: the machine will work like new!

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