The design of a large room

design a room online, Where to start? The design of a large room.  The first step in the design - it is visually
will show your room at the end. You can go for help
professional designer, which shows you how to maximize
space and proposed options for your room decor.
For those who like to do everything yourself, we offer several ways to
how to get started: * Start with an idea - Maybe you want, what would be your room is
special place that will give you a precise feeling that reminds you of your loved one
place. * Start with photo or design your dream rooms Rooms
- Check out magazines, books, websites, and demonstrates the idea of internal
home design. Keep in mind, or sketch, write the details of these rooms,
that are closest to your personal style. This step will help in meeting
designer or directly to you personally in the design of your room. *
Start with historical and architectural design - If your home design
committed to a style, for example, a charming Victorian domestic
rooms can be decorated in this style. Perhaps your home is built
recently, and want to create a sense of an old Tuscan countryside
house. The main thing to get started! As they say be afraid of eyes and hands do not. You do not
Note how you work involved the head. For me personally, a large room
associated with a large space. This space, which is, I prefer
would not make a lot of different room furniture. I do not know how
You and I have always been a paradox: less room, more
things in it. Who ever moved to a smaller area in greater need to understand.
And things like increased much, but still room for the missing.
So suggest the following motto: big room minimal things new!
Steps to turn into a real beautiful rooms achieved the desired
if it begins with an idea or inspiration, which leads to
preferred choice of style or design theme. 2 Select
its color palette, fabrics and furniture. 3 Then paint on walls and ceilings
paint decorative finish or monitor Poquelin, who embodies
and correspond with the chosen style. 4 Now, make sure your
sex with the overall style. If not, put new carpet, laminate,
tiles or carpets. 5 Get a functional and appropriate for your home decor
6 And finally furnishings add some details to decorate windows, lighting
and other design elements to successfully design and design
large rooms, it is necessary to understand the elements of a large design project.
These include: Colour - various combinations and the use of
Colors can be learned by studying color theory or design based on color.
Do not be afraid of color! They surround us in everyday life. You at least have a look
in your front garden to your wardrobe, or at least on tables
plate. Light - whether it sunlight or light from
floor lamp, it has a huge effect on the color and appearance of the entire room.
Space - every room has positive and negative aspects
in terms of space. Through rational planning of space, we
Make your room more comfortable and functional. Shape and size - Shape
- This plan, while three-dimensional volume quantity. For example,
box shape - a square, but the volume - with. Line - horizontal use
vertical lines, diagonal and curved to create movement and direction
Room. Structure - any surface is a structure that is
glossy / matte, smooth / rough, soft / rough. Models - various
designs and drawings must also comply with design rooms, in the form of furniture
and upholstery. Design principles of design elements described above are used
implement the following design principles: balance - use
Symmetrical and asymmetrical balance gives the impression of a certain
order in the room. Accent - Each room needs emphasis, in order to focus
set function and style. Pace - Using models and figures, transitions
and repetition creates its own unique pace the room. Scale and proportion
- The amount of furniture and objects, how they are arranged in relation to each other
and the space around them, creating a sense of scale and proportion. Harmony - When
matches the theme or style room because efficient use of
elements and principles of design, harmony is created. Space planning
The secret to successful design of a large room is good planning
space. If you hire a designer, he will almost certainly
Plan your room. This gives a two-dimensional plane of scale
your room, including furniture and other goods that are to be used.
To make your plan, you will need the following tools:
1 Figure 2 pencil (with a rubber band!) 3 Roulette (in order to
measure your room and furniture) 4 lines (in order to better
straight lines) Measure the length and width of your room. Pune received
measurements as follows: a square graph paper equals one
Foote, meter (as you prefer) and outline shape of the room. Mark location of
doors and windows on your sketch. You can sketch directly furniture
Graph paper, or stick-up pre-made plastic
For example, models of furniture.

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