Evia Island, Greece!

Evia Island, Greece!

Population: Evia Island has a population of approximately 200,000 inhabitants, ranking second among the Greek islands.

Attractions: Among the major attractions on the island of Evia include capital, Chalkida and Eretria cities, Kimi or Edipsos. Do not miss Paleochora cave, fort or monastery at Ano Potamia Osiou David Geronta. You can also try and curative springs from Gialtra or hot springs at Therma.

Location: Evia Evia and is an island located in southeastern Greece, being separated from Boeotia in mainland Greece, by Euripus Strait.

History: Evia, like most Greek islands, held throughout history by many names, such as Macris and Abantis. It is believed that the island had originally part of the continent, but was separated from it by a strong earthquake, which is confirmed by the writings of antiquity. Main cities on the island of Evia, Chalcis and Eretria were important centers of colonization in ancient times, with numerous cities founded in Sicily and Magna Grecia. He was part of the empire of Philip II of Macedon and was later occupied by the Romans, and in the twelfth century, most cities were destroyed off the coast of Sicily. Evia was part of the islands ruled by Venice and the XV century, fell under the Turks until 1830, when enter in the new Greek state.

Climate: Evia Island enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with warm, dry and sunny, and in winter, more precipitation falls in the higher areas, even snow.
Evia island is covered with rich vegetation, both in the mountains and in valleys, and beaches are precious diamonds in the country. Exceptionally clean waters are an attraction that you can hardly resist. Tourism and hospitality infrastructure here are hard to rival. Chalkis Evia is the capital and in the middle of the island. Eretria find fresh fish harbor and many restaurants serving delicious dishes.

Short description: The island of Evia is the second largest Greek island after Crete, and is a fascinating place. The island can be visited in the winter, with a very popular ski resort among the Greeks. During the summer, awaits secluded beaches and beautiful buildings and traditional villages.
Evia is divided into Earth's parts - the north, central and south. In each region there are many villages pitoesti, resorts sea and old town, which is an ideal destination all year round. The main gateway to the island from the mainland is Halkida. From here you can cross the bridge by car or bike. There are several ferries between the island and mainland races in seven different locations. In southern island of Karystos port, ferries go to Rafina in Attica. Northern island ferries leave the port Pefki to Volos, at the foot of Mount Pelion.

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