Don't let them in!

Закрыватели изобретений

It is known that the development of science and technology at all times (the middle ages won't take but then something invented) is subject to the law of progress, i.e. moves only forward. Creates a new, more complex and sophisticated machines and household appliances, are opening.

Ago, seemingly, no way, because not once encountered close again? But there are those who believe otherwise are the ones to whom the invention across the throat, is unprofitable or abhorrent. They're a little before the stop! Here are some of such "zakryvatelej" we want to tell you today.

«Visit zakryvatelâ»

U Stanislava Lema is a humorous piece "office hours of Prof. Tarantogi. This character is a prominent scientist Lema, for him to come for support of a variety of cranks, Okolonaučnye and others. And here's one of the visitors said the Professor: "I'm not the inventor or discoverer. I antiotkryvatel′, in other words, an. In-depth analysis of world history in its entirety has led me to the conclusion that mankind does not need any already opened. On the contrary, it suffers from an excess of them. And I decided to help humanity. How? By closing a particularly noxious discoveries. "
A gentle, literary joke? In this case, Yes. But the real history of mankind "zakryvatelej". Not harmless pranksters.

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