Interior Design Modern

Offices are big proponents of modern interior design because they want to appear to their clients as ones who are up to date with the latest in technological advances. This involves a very clean look and does not need a great many furniture pieces. Note that if a designer is not especially skilled in modern interior design, they can border on the boring or sterile version of contemporary design.

 Interior Design Modern

The Basic Concepts

The basic concepts of modern interior design consist of straight lines, geometric shapes, single colors, shiny surfaces and the lack of clutter. Oftentimes a room will be monochromatic, or that monochromatic color might be accented with a single bold, contrasting color or a deeper version of the monochromatic color. Nearly all of the colors of the spectrum can be used in modern interior design, but rarely will you see any prints unless they are geometric shapes or patterns. Generally, these patterns or shapes will be found in the accent pillows.

For example, you may have a peach-colored sofa accented by large solid, bold orange and teal pillows. A high-backed upholstered chair in the same peach fabric with a small accent pillow with orange and teal stripes can be in close proximity. Coffee tables and end tables can be made of a peach laminate with perhaps a piece of contemporary chocolate brown pottery sitting on the coffee table. The lamp may be a shiny chrome floor lamp with a chrome lampshade, and a stark brown bookshelf with books and a few knick-knacks may sit against a wall. These few pieces may be all that is in the room.

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