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As soon as land in southern India (and perhaps others), get out instantly to a conclusion "on how ugly new buildings are around you, at least so beautiful is the nature around them" - which makes  easily pass over many things more difficult to tolerate the "ordinary mainlanders", such as the presence of hills of garbage everywhere.

 After a few days in Karnataka state, I can say that I "built" more or less in local spirit, saving my obviously European tourist status: the food seemed as good, but seems less hot  not noticed trash on the street, I do not brush your teeth with bottled water, gone for barefoot through several temples, tested a very popular beach in the water and try the Indian Ocean had seen (I could say that participated, although I  by lot) an important religious holiday (birthday of Lord Krishna in his famous Udupi temple) and observed "in the wild" fauna previously encountered over the circus and the zoo.

Traveling in India means land (the elephant until the boat or taxi) is neither easy nor quick.  First of all, because you have to make your reservation early to get a slot.  Secondly, those means land which is commemorated foaaarte move slowly, for different reasons, more or less excusable (bad roads and narrow, many stops and so on).  To give you an idea: on a bus "luxury" we managed to traverse 300 km (distance somewhat invisible on the map of India) in 9:00.

 However, it was worth the effort, because I saw two stone temples, carved absolutely fabulous, Halebidu and Belur, built in the twelfth century by the Hoysala dynasty.  Next stop, and for me the highlight of the whole trip was the neighboring state Kerala.

At how beautiful local scenery is not rightly say "God's Own Country".  I fiercely as Kerala, one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country, should last for anyone in the "top 5" travel destinations "at least once in life."  Why?  Because it is exotic (at least to any European), has some of the most beautiful beaches I've seen, because people are very nice and helpful, so that you can enjoy the "Backwaters" (a chain of lakes  and lagoons parallel to the Arabian Sea), because there is Ayurvedic massage at home, like traditional Kathakali dance.  And, not least because it is very cheap, probably several times more accessible than in any other country exotic surroundings.  In the 5-6 days in the realm of the gods and the palm (as an etymological translation), I can say that I felt really on vacation.

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