Mauritius, a special place

After a tiring 11 hour flight we arrived in Mauritus. (Night flight with many foreigners who were crazy few months the babies crying non stop ... silent one, started another ...) On the airport I had the pleasant surprise that an employee there (visa) we welcome to "'Good morning!'

Road to Imperial Sofitel hotel took about 40 minutes, which is located in the western part of the island.

As soon as I entered the reception we felt like being in another world ... could see the white sand beach, palm trees and beautiful blue water.

Camera: clean, spacious, overlooking the beach (as are all hotel rooms) with a huge bed and balcony. What I liked more is the style f the room, the restaurants, the entire hotel is furnished, all Asian style. In such locations, the hotels not support tower, super modern with plenty of glass ... as found for example in the Caribbean. (In Mauritius will not find this kind of hotel).

Food: the first 2 nights we had a la carte (French cuisine) and we eat a lot of fun trying ok to like. Were 4 to 5 dishes first 2-3 could not be eaten, at least by us (something called apetizer, onion soup, etc.) remains with steak or fish and dessert. I do not think the food was bad, the others ate only say that it was not to our liking.

Subsequently changed buffet and everything was super ok, good food and excellent fruits especially.

Staff: efficient, fast, very friendly and very attentive, for example I'm allergic to dairy, and one who takes care of us had ever care to come and tell me and what it does not contain dairy ... Smiling all are happy and make you feel special. Something that impressed us: the day we arrived in Mauritius and consequently the hotel, was my husband's birthday the evening when I saw two waiters were serving dessert with a cake and 3 fireworks in a pineapple heading for New and singing Happy Birthday! It was very dragutz of them, I was amazed, I did not understand where they know (have seen data bulletin in the morning when we checked in).

After dinner combined bands played shows at the beach bar. The atmosphere was beautiful and fun.

Sofitel Imperial do not think it is a hotel where you can go with the kids. I have not seen anything arranged in this regard. Throughout the our accommodation we encountered any family with children.

Beach: is gorgeous, white sand and palm trees. If you do not want to sit on the sandy beach you can choose to sit on a chair or hammock on the grass arranged. Deck chairs are provided so that you privacy. Water has a special color of the waves break in the distance in the coral reef. There are various free activities offered by the hotel (volleyball, tennis, archery, etc.)

We made many trips and we felt sorry that I did not stay long enough to enjoy the beach and hotel activities.

Tours: walking with lions, Ile aux Cerfs island, island tour, zoo and Pamplemousse Garden dolphin boat trip in the capital, Port Louis.

Most liked walking with lions obviously :))

You can buy trips from the hotel.

Most tourists were French, the Romans did not know.

Much to say about each place visited, each has its special frumusteta.

People are extremely hospitals, cheerful and simple, do everything possible for you to feel good on those special places.

I return with great pleasure in Mauritius.

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