10 Самых больших секретов Советского Союза
There is a town in southern Russia, which has not been on any maps. Not exist as bus trips that would have stayed in it, and road signs to prove its existence. Email addresses listed in it, as Chelyabinsk-65, although it was of him to Chelyabinsk, nearly 100 miles away. Its current name is Ozyorsk and, despite the fact that tens of thousands of people lived there, the existence of the town was unknown even in Russia till 1986 year. Secrecy was prompted by the presence here of the plant for processing spent nuclear fuel. The explosion occurred at the plant in 1957, but because of the secrecy surrounding the catastrophe called the city, which was located a few kilometers from the City. This city was the Kyshtym.

Ozyorsk is one of dozens of secret SOVIET cities. At the moment it is known about 42 such cities, but it is believed that about 15 cities were still shrouded in mystery. Residents of these cities are the best food, schools and comfortable conditions than the rest of the country. Those who still live in such towns, cling to its isolation--few outsiders permitted to visit the city, usually found under the escort of guards.

In an increasingly open and globalized world, many are leaving the closed cities and, most likely, there is a limit to how long the city can still remain closed. However, many of these towns have continued to perform their primary function-be it a plutonium or marine.
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