Best exercise for increasing the volume and strength of the biceps

Technique: become a straight and place your feet shoulder width apart. The feet are almost parallel, socks are just at hand. Grab a barbell bottom grip (palms facing forwards) shoulder width apart and straighten up completely lower the barbell to the hips. Opinion is strongly forward. Tighten the muscles of the lower back and secure the natural spine through Seth. breathing, bending the arm at the elbows, lift the barbell up to the top of the chest while lifting barbells. try not to move your elbows, keep them on the sides of the torso and arms do not bend the wrists. as soon as the brushes will be at the level of the top of the breast, make second pause, exhale and squeeze your biceps more. gently lower the post down, but not completely hand razgibajte (no need to block the elbow joint) during the entire movement do not tilt the torso forwardnor back, keep correct posture tips to implement: Train climbs grip from below to increase the volume of the biceps (the equally strong hold, diminishing both biceps and brachialis muscle). When you hold the top (palms facing down) the lion's share of the burden is shifted from the biceps muscle in the shoulder and forearm. Use this grip to raise peak bicep. keep torso flexion and not swing. All traffic is concentrated only in the elbow joint. The rest of the body must be still. Lifting or pushing the shoulders back, you shoot a load from the biceps and run the risk of getting injured spine. lock the elbows on the sides of the torso and move their chick. Directing your elbows forward while lifting weights, you decrease the load on top of the biceps, and you may not be able to achieve the greatest reduction in top point. don't use too heavy weight, otherwise you have to push the barbell in the early recovery hips to move the weight. This will not only reduce the stress on the biceps, but can injure. In addition, a very hard Rod reduces the amplitude of movements, not allowing you to fully stretch the biceps at the lower point (this is valid only when you want to raise the peak bicep). In all other cases, perform upgrades to full amplitude (especially on mass). quantity: 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps.

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