How to repair the brain after a stroke?

Stroke (from the Latin insulto - come on, forward) - a broad, coarse tissue damage due to brain damage and death of millions of neurons in a particular focus. Ischemic stroke is caused by acute stroke and stopping power region of the brain. Hemorrhagic stroke - is a brain hemorrhage due to rupture of an artery. Both types of strokes occur in the background of hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis. As noted above, the plasticity of the brain can partially restore impaired function due to stroke (speech, movement, memory, etc.). If the time to take action to restore the damaged, but still living neurons in the locus of stroke, the patient lost function recover much faster and in greater volume. Recovered neurons can "close" broken circuits "in itself" and thereby restore their work.

The solution

Today, all the people who have suffered a stroke, the drug is available unique Italian Papaya. His formula invented the Nobel Peace Prize Swiss Professor Luc Montagnier. With his invention, he returned to health and years of normal life to Pope John Paul II, who suffered extensive damage to the brain cells (Parkinson's disease).

Papaya course the drug starts the recovery process of damaged nerve cells in the brain. This is especially important for the damaged, but still-living cells that are in the focus of stroke. "Repair" cells will close the "over" the damaged neural circuits. This will lead to the restoration of function of damaged stroke (speech, memory, intelligence, movement, emotional background, the work of various agencies). The degree of recovery of lost function depends on the time of taking the drug Papaya: the more time passed, the greater the number of damaged nerve cells died and can not be restored.

Important: the drug Papaya also recommended for the prevention of recurrent stroke. The fact that the nerve cells of the brain directly regulate our blood pressure (vascular tone). Second, the recovery of brain cells means normalization of nervous regulation of all organs and systems of the body. Among them - our immune system. Restoration of the nervous regulation of its work will lead to the resumption of normal activity of its cells - lymphocytes and macrophages. As you know, the main function of macrophages is "eating" all the harmful and dangerous objects, including atherosclerotic plaque on the inner wall of blood vessels. Activated macrophages "eat" the top, soft layer of cholesterol, which had not yet saturated with salts and "petrified." That is why it is important to spend time course of recovery with the drug, while blockage of blood vessels are not irreversible. Restoration of vascular permeability, particularly in the brain, means the elimination of the main causes of stroke.

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