International Island Tourism

International Island tourism
Island tourism
Need a vacation? You may want to escape the stress of everyday life or want a break in an exotic place. Have you ever been on vacation in a very isolated place? Consider: More than a century ago, most people used to go on holiday. Most spend their entire lives in the place where they were born, which is an area of ​​several hundred kilometers. Only a small group of wealthy adventurers or traveling for leisure or study in places far away. Today, however, hundreds of thousands of people cross the long and wide in the home country or the world. What caused this change?

After the industrial revolution, millions of people became involved in the production of goods and services. Results were achieved higher earnings and therefore a higher disposable income. Progress also great in technology led to the car, which took a lot of work that requires a large number of workers and higher production costs involved. Therefore, many people have more free time. Under these conditions, the mid-twentieth century, the emergence of different means of transport was opened to tourism. Then the desire to travel was stimulated by the media industry developing, which, through television, brought into the homes of people around the world pictures of faraway places.

Therefore, international tourism has emerged, which has developed into a fast pace. World Tourism Organization has predicted that the number of people traveling abroad will increase from 613 million euros (one was in 1997) to 1.6 billion (2020) - without being obvious about falling. The increasing demand for tourism has been accompanied by a proportional increase in the number of enterprises tourism resorts and countries providing services for tourists.

Ideally, tourism is an industry in which all parties benefit in one way or another. Tourists escape the daily routine of life, pamper yourself, have fun and grow. Which countries have won or persons providing services for tourists? International tourism is an effective way to obtain that currency countries. Most countries require foreign currency to pay for goods and services we import.

In fact, in a report called "international tourism is the largest source of export revenue and an important factor in the balance of payments of many countries. In 1996, money collected from international tourism reached U.S. $ 423 billion, exceeding amount collected from the export of petroleum products, motor vehicles, telecommunications equipment, textiles or any other product or service ". The report said: "Tourism is the fastest industry growth rate in the world" and be "up to 10% of global GDP." No wonder that most countries, including some current and former Soviet Union countries are - or are quick to come - the international tourism market.

State income from tourism is used to improve infrastructure and education and other pressing national needs. Virtually all states are concerned that their citizens have a job. Jobs created by tourism help to meet these needs.

Hvar Jelsa Harbour Island CroatiaPentru understand the effect that tourism can have on a country's economy, to take an example for demonstration Bahamas condition, a small island nation, which stretches along the entry Gulf of Mexico, between the U.S. state of Florida and the island of Cuba. Bahamas is not highly developed agriculture and almost any material. But this island state with a warm climate, tropical beaches clean, a small population of about a quarter of a million friendly people, and is located near the United States. All these advantages together created a thriving tourism industry. But what is necessary to ensure the guests? Pleasant and safe

50-60 years ago, few people traveled abroad, not to mention the inconvenience caused travel time. However, nowadays, the media, including the Internet, allowing more to form an idea of ​​distant places without leaving the comfort of your home. Thus, the resorts have the difficult task to make a memorable holiday experience, ensuring comfort of your home or even more. In addition, because many tourists travel a lot, globally there is often a competition between tourist centers.

When traveling, it found that despite rigorous planning, there are always costs that are not supplied? Persons who provide services to tourists experiencing the same problem.

"Nations that meet the needs of a large number of tourists come again, though unintentionally, to move away from traditional lifestyles in some places, local culture disappeared completely.". Described as Cordell Thompson, senior official in the Ministry of Tourism in the Bahamas, one of the common side effects. Thompson spoke with pride about all the benefits of tourism in their country. However, he acknowledged that in countries where the number of tourists exceeds the number of people and is a big part of it there are many unexpected effects.

For example, those who work with tourists begin to imagine, wrongly, that is always a tourist on holiday. Villager could begin to imitate imaginary life. Others, although not influenced by this way of thinking, spends much of his free time in the company of tourists arrive finally to abandon the traditional lifestyle. Sometimes places for tourists are attacked by the local population and local cultural centers reduce their activity, if not a final stop.

Many famous international tourist resorts are in dilemma about it. They welcomed gains waves of tourists. Still feel the burden of social problems arising from certain services designed to thank tourists who want to fulfill desires, including illegal.

Because some of the greatest benefits of international tourism can be both modern and factors threatening the very existence most common expression is rational tourism. Tourism industry to grow, some difficult problems to solve.

The effect of tourism on the environment, local culture consequences, resorts compatibility of goals, large or small, profit oriented, and national objectives of the host country are some of the problems in the future, we need to find balanced solutions. In recent years, the tourism industry is feeling increasing safety concerns, and these concerns were, ultimately, pending. We'll see how they affect the evolution of modern tourism.

Next time you decide to escape daily life routine of starting a tourist resort, away from home, do not underestimate this billion industry worldwide.

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