Mauritius, a tropical sweet dream

I found out on a Friday as witnesses that would "need" to go to Mauritius. I knew about this trip won by the company where I worked, but I knew that places are already "awarded". But a last minute change has made me and my office colleague, to go along with my boss and his girlfriend in MAURITIUS!

The news came as a shock to me. Good, of course. So all weekend I searched the Internet Information Storage and I did, to be sure you do not forget anything necessary.

We did stop in Paris. Large, about 8 hours if I remember correctly. And then along road 13 hours to Mauritius.

I got there at about 6 am. I was tired, full, given that I'm afraid tickets, so do not get much sleep. I did formalities at the airport, we took cover ... of Mauritius and ... I walked out of the airport on earth exotic. From the first second I hit very moist air almost unbreathable unusual for someone with excessive humidity. It was wet and warm ... November coming up with jackets with fur, but the fact that Romania was March, and ... about 5 degrees. (Although after a few days I found that Bucharest was paralyzed by snow).

Do not forget to mention that from the airport, we were welcomed with garlands of flowers, some beautiful yellow flowers, and prosopele tiny, packed, hot, to wash our hands.

We then went to the hotel, the road that lasted about an hour. It was strange, to run on the left, and I feel like we are in constant overtaking and that ... Now we will bump those in front of us. Over time, I got used, but still happens to me and I forget who scare me ... came to us (the other meaning being exceeded). The road had nothing impressive. Much vegetation ... but otherwise, nothing to prefigure what was happening.

We arrived at the hotel. "Beau Rivage" 5 star resort closed circuit. Already it was different. All around our luxury express. From alleys perfect to care trees from root to tip. The hotel ... was actually arranged in the form of bungalows, so you could not take a picture of you from the beginning. Reception and could see only a small portion of all the rest spring. So to make our accommodation, we were greeted with cocktails. Holiday started well!

After the formalities were done, we were led to our room. On a small alley, rooms were right ... (No floor, floor 1 and 2), and the left, pliiini coconut coconut. Paradise, nothing else!

We arrived in the room. I was tempted to wonder if they were wrong and gave us presidential apartment, or suite or what else I know. Dementia was about 40sqm and it was beautiful! Between on one side (outside, no hallway) and opposite was the balcony door, balcony overlooking garden and then the sea. We were standing downstairs, so I go out directly benefit the balcony, the beach, restoring and all ... other (being closer, the shortcut).

Room had a huge bed, which were flowers and where each day had a different pattern of arrangement. There is a sofa, where you could sit in a coffee and I know why. On the table in the room, it was always a bowl full of water, and every day another fresh exotic flower floating in it. The bathroom had bath and shower and had two sinks and separate toilet with the door. Does not ... tangled ... needs :)))

Separately, there is a dressing room to tell it where I found gowns (one yellow and one white), beach towels and baskets for the beach. And habitual flowers! Everything was arranged in such a way that invites you to vacation, and absolutely everywhere were flowers.

Terrace where lunch was of course overlooking the sea. A view you drunk with good humor, and that makes you forget everything. Remove the table and colorful birds chirping and singing you, delighting your ears.

With a huge pool for all ages, surrounded by palm trees, with bars where you could enjoy all cocktails in the world, with alleys full of greenery, flowers, coconut, premise location offers a dream vacation.

Menu ... I ate all the follies of the world. Well, not all, but knew how to make you feel special, in fact, what I say to make you know ... holiday feeling! In Paradise!

Every evening, the main restaurant, dining is organized specifically: "Indian Night", "Turkish Night", "European Night", etc.. Waiters dressed specifically even get "points" and you somehow. Indian evening that, you make the point that theirs, headed ...

The hotel has a fitness center, jacuzzi, 2 saunas and swimming pool of 6 degrees (for those who do showers Scotland - sauna, swimming pool, sauna, swimming pool).

Note, that they were somehow "stealing" but thieves nice. We had half board. And to make you eat, come and bring your beach free pizza. But so salty pizza (acceptable), that you needed a drink then. Fee.

Sorry I do not remember much about visits outside the resort. It is reported that ... Inside impressed me waaaay more than outside. Story that had a lot of sugar cane plantations. Had a dormant volcano ... , Temples, monkeys ... :)))), Muuuuuulti bananas ... , Pineapple (by the way, where I learned that pineapples grow from the ground actually ... excuse my ignorance). I was impressed by a visit to "The 7 colors of the earth" They say, if I remember correctly that there was a volcano that after he died, he left behind a rock in many colors. It is true that looks great, but I wonder if it was a fake tourist.

Have a mountain that if you look from a certain position, seems to be a lady who sleeps. It's called "The Sleeping Beauty".

They had a bird island: Dodo bird. One finds everywhere as souvenirs, he found painted on walls, or in museums.

Scooba possibilities, snorkeling, water skiing. All fee. I did Scooba and I picked some gorgeous coral. Were already dead, that is broken, otherwise I would not be allowed to pick up. And so were watching us, and it seems only natural for that matter. I remember at one point I was pinching some fishes head, confusing my hair short with algae. There I first saw ... how beautiful can be deep.

I think it would have much to say, but I stretched enough already. If there are questions, and I remember ... with the greatest pleasure.

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