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The MEDIA got secret auditor's report: "Skolkovo" has spent 1.6 billion on grants to Americans
The Auditors of the Court of accounts, who last fall were checking the skolkovo Foundation, found there so many violations that the report had to classify, approve the newspaper "Izvestia".

"The auditor's report on skolkovo was secretive and did not get into the public," said a source in the Court of accounts. According to him, it was the auditors under pressure – the Government pressured the JV and do everything so that the report has not been published and was not aware that the budget money allocated to Skolkovo in United States in the form of the grant funding the Massachusetts Institute. " SP officials confirmed that a report on this inspection takes place under the "confidential".

According to a report by the newspaper, a tripartite agreement between the skolkovo Foundation, the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) and the autonomous non-profit organization "Skolkovo Institute of science and technology" (SINT, Skolteh), which was approved by Dmitry Medvedev (which at the time was President of the country) was contrary to Russian law. The agreement was concluded only in the English language, and the translation of this document in the Fund was not present, that is contrary to Russian law, mentioned in the report.

In addition, the Government, instead of domestic financing of innovative cluster has set aside 1.6 billion rubles in the form of grants to the Massachusetts Institute of technology. Analyst Vladislav FINAM investment holding Isayev said that the agreement irrespective of whether it caused damage or not, the Russian side will look like "dirty deal" in terms of the American political establishment, and it is, he said, could be derailed at any moment. In this case of skolkovo will lose all the money Americans.

"At MIT on this deal went in the difficult financial situation."Skolkovo Foundation gave a "bribe" to obtain a replacement technology partnership ", said the analyst. Such payments to American scientist who has done leadership skolkovo besmyslenno because no one in the United States or Europe does not seek to promote Russian scientific and technical progress. o/

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