Visit Limenas – Thassos Island

Thassos Island and Emerald Isle as it is called because of the color of the surrounding water. We stayed in the island's capital Limenas, a small town on the Aegean Sea full of tourists eager to discover - as we too - another world, another culture. Narrow streets with small houses, mostly painted white with tiny balconies full of flowers, olive trees everywhere, rustle and bustle of the port were the first things that attracted our attention as soon as I arrived.

Sun mild September, courtesy Greeks, clean beaches with fine sand and clean, clear water and emerald really have no way not to impress. Some beaches are tiny but offers all the comfort and especially quiet. Tranquility. For an intensive 3 euro's chair, umbrella, a table with ashtray ... trimmings. Impressed us a lot and it's hard to put in order, to do a top, but I talk about it.

Accommodation in Thassos
We stayed in Limenas, the Pegasus hotel, close to the port. Small room but with everything you need: balcony, air conditioning, tv Romanian program, a small fridge. Instead large terrace with garden and swimming pool with relaxing chairs, sofas ... everything invites you to stay in a sweet lazy.

We paid 25 euros per person with breakfast included ... hmm continental breakfast which was told them we call Swedish where I ate an olive type found only in Thassos - very good in fact - Greek yogurt with some variety of peaches, Greek cheese that looks like our old sheep cheese (like a little better even) jams and marmalades homemade, Greek salad, homemade bread, the rest is classic.

Thassos recommend those who like peace, nature and travel. At the hotel, we felt good - room a little small but quality services - but we stayed in other places so we can compare. The hotel is close to downtown, the airport and a few kilometers from our favorite beach Glikadi.

Sights and activities in Thassos

Every day you can soak up the sun on one of the beaches that surround the island. You can visit the olive oil factory at Panagia Greek sweets and small stores, jewelry factory Limenaria, you can tour the island by car, you can bathe in a natural pool Gioli.

They organize day cruises around the island with stops for snorkeling, swimming and fishing. In the evening you can go out to promenade in the old port, you can buy souvenirs ... or drink a glass of wine at one of the pubs in Crete port. We ate and we enjoyed both the food and service Mythos Tavern on the outskirts of the port.

Impressions and tips on Thassos

I'll say here our favorite places: Mythos Beach Glikadi and tavern. Greek beach and bar administer do our best tourists feel good and makes a great spontaneity and naturalness. There was asking something he should not have and if he had, gave a call and we can get what we want without incurring debt or obligation. We did not pacut no more than Glikadi beach and at teverna Mythos was so warm atmosphere with good food, not expensive and ... menu in Romanian, very clean and cozy.

We enjoyed a crispy parmesan zucchini beach obviously Greek cheeses and everything mean salad. The waiters always smiling, jolly, you said I was the happiest people and brings rest to the penny. We enjoyed cats are everywhere on the island. I do not understand why there are so many cats, no one knew certainly tell us is that they are tolerated by the locals and even made a business out of it, selling various souvenirs and calendars featuring cats.

Yes, there is something that we liked but after two days no stuffing in it. In the evening you get 10 times near a restaurant always an employee of the restaurant that is only strongly urges you to go into his restaurant. At first I was polite and told them to each one that does not eat then, as we walked ... I ate ... from no longer supplies stuffing in it. Imagine 10 restaurants next to each other and every one of you pick arm and strongly urge you to his restaurant. Obviously not bother us but insistent invitation and how you approach it.

There is another thing we liked: I was on the beach and do not know how quiet it is portable, but the evening was full of scooters and really do not exaggerate when we say full. Scooters appearing as mosquitoes whizzing past you come from nowhere, going all in there.

Tips for those who want to visit Thassos

Be seen Thasos is gorgeous! To reach Limenas, you took the ferry from Keramoti because it is cheaper and the route is shorter, and the ferry comes every hour. Route between Kavala and by much longer, more expensive and ferry comes in 2-3 hours and is only until 16.00. At the reception there are a lot of useful information, not to omit reading them. Before sunbathe, recommend a tour of the island to see all the beaches, each with its charm.

Would have things to say, but ultimately everyone lives his story in his own style ... I'm glad I had the opportunity to relive feelings of parental leave, even for a few minutes for each trip that "we return" even thinking and teaches the same lesson: the holiday is alive today - that we can feed with good memories until next getaway!

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