Beautiful beaches in the Caribbean

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Bois Jolan, Guadeloupe. Beaches rivaling in beauty, surrounded by coral reefs, some excellent surf, large pieces of fine white sand at your feet still tourists, others eccentric, so are the beaches of Guadeloupe, an island paradise located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. A piece of heaven, Bois Jolan - peaceful and natural. Here, sandy beach stretches along the coast and coconut trees seem to bend the rod wants to dive in the ocean. Beauty is a wild place, but still entertaining for both families come to picnic here and for tourists. At night, music and rum changing atmosphere, but that is another story.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Basse Terre is Grande Anse, which lies at the foot of a hill covered by rainforest. Still seems intact - you will not find buildings here, just small wooden houses and colorful boats of fishers. For the beach, go Deshaies in the north, two km away. Beside small beaches, withdrawn, very intimate, the Basse Terre, the two main island of Guadeloupe, is National Park of Guadeloupe, Soufrière active volcano (1467 m), Cascade aux Ecrevisses, Deshaies Botanical Gardens - some of the places that cannot be missed.

Anse Dufour and Anse Noir. These two neighboring coves south-east of Martinique, one white sand, black sand other, are still a curiosity for tourists and geologists alike. Otherwise, dispute their small lagoons beyond scholarly opinions, favors locals. Gulf Dufour, whose beach is covered with white sand, picturesque fishing harbors boxes. Everything is to dodge the nets stretched among coconut trees. On the other side of the cliff, Black Bay beach is of volcanic origin, but much calmer, and bottom water which I see thousands of small fish are brightly colored.

Difficult to elect between two beaches once here. Saona adore for its air of paradise or Guadeloupe along with Martinique, which remain glued to your heart

Beach Saona, Dominican Republic. Located in the heart of the national park is the island of 130 square kilometer is the largest in the country. With coconut palms, white sandy beaches, spectacular flora and fauna, Saona is a paradise. Thousand people here live exclusively from fishing. To visit the island, ask a fisher and guide it to you because Saona no tourist infrastructure. One exception: a few private beaches and often crowded.

Road to Guadeloupe. Flight with Air France is a solution, but first you must take a ticket to Paris, costing, in august, around 239 euro per person. Only there you can ascend a flight to Pointe-a-Pitre, whose value amounts to 1.053 euro return per person.

• In Guadeloupe everyday life is different than usual in Europe. At 6 o'clock the streets are already full of people and bustle. At 18.30 is already dark, almost 22.00 is regarded as a late into the night.
• The locals are peaceful and hospitable people, willing to sit chatting with you if you speak French (the official language) and Creole (local language).
• Prices range from restaurant "quite expensive", in French or European cuisine restaurants (50-70 Euros, a meal for two), to "not very cheap, but decent" restaurants specialized in local Creole (25-40 Euros, a meal for two).
• All local amenities are varied and tempting. For an apartment in Villa L'Abri armrest from Anse a la Barque, two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen, plus everything needed in a home (microwave, coffee maker, washing machine etc) pay 300 Euros per week.

Direct flight from Paris to Pointe-a-Pitre takes eight hours and 20 minutes. Air France operates from Bucharest flights to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, with a stopover in Paris. With all the stop, the journey takes about 17 hours and return ticket costs 1053 Euros. One way to Bahamas, from Bucharest with Tarom flight to Frankfurt, then from Frankfurt, a Delta flight to Nassau, which stops in Atlanta, costs, in august, 1496 euro.
These territories are the EU, the euro into circulation. Can be reached only by card, you need a passport.

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