Their brothers in Christ is not for rent

Ieromonah Semin, among which last August on a terrible ROAD ACCIDENT happened kutuzovsky Avenue, killing two people, not guilty of the crime he is accused of. With such a loud statement made on Wednesday at a press conference by his lawyers. As "heavy artillery" to reporters, made a charming and eccentric actor Ivan Ohlobystin is a family friend of Semina.

At first took the floor, placing journalists Ohlobystin their broad and sincere smile. He immediately dismissed all "tall tales" and "nonsense" about the fleet and flats that supposedly belong to Pavel Seminu. And then he mentions:

-Well, Yes. There are flat. I was there. Such a nice apartment.

The speech of the actor, which, apparently, was overflowing with emotion, was a bit messy. Then he was ready to shoot Semina (if then this tragedy could have been avoided), then send to the monastery as a punishment (according to showman, hieromonk may not transfer the prison term).

About the personality of the Semina, he stated that he was very cordial and responsive young man "had his Grandma and Grandpa."

However, in the main, his friend's fault or not, the actor was never able to determine:

-Even if I catch that he's guilty, I'm still going to defend him ... I will still believe in his innocence. Maybe it's the sweetest illusion-actor said.

According to Ohlobystina, a series of accidents involving church officials is a sign.

-Maybe it is a sign from above. A society that need to be more merciful.

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