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This will not rattle for the pretentious "

While Mikhail Prokhorov introduces the "e-mobility" and Announces "yo-plane," Oleg Deripaska is higher – preparing the car for the mass of bureaucracy. " Plans to win the competition for the first convoy of cars for major shareholder group Gaz has shared during the visit of Dmitry Medvedev to Nizhny Novgorod plant, where the premiere was shown a new Gazelle NEXT». Členovoz, as the learned "MK", it is planned to create on the German platform.

Gorky automobile plant in Nizhny Novgorod, where Medvedev hosted, with calls to fight the "Muda" (marriage and extra costs) and improve the Andon (Visual inspection). The factory claimed that philosophy, production borrowed from Toyotas, has helped increase productivity fourfold. Plant workers told "MK" that they have held trainings where explained embedded Japanese philosophy. "In spite of this, some operators" Muda "is still visible, while studiously serious, said one of the workers. -Because for Russian production is innate».

However, the successes in the fight against the "Muda" can help the plant to get an order for auto executives to the tuple. Oleg Deripaska, on the occasion of the visit of donned uniforms bearing the emblem of the plant, said: "If the first person to ride on domestic vehicles, we are ready to take on the project. The challenge is to not rattle on window-dressing. We have a solution that had yet to be finalized. It won't be just the car for the first person, and the massive bureaucracy "solution. On the characteristics of the future členovoza so far – first you have to get the specification from the Ministry of industry and trade.

Hold a contest among contenders to developers of cars for Russian officials to Office in August. At the moment their bids excluding gas filed ZIL and marusia motors according to the head of the Ministry of industry of Denis Manturova, artist, most likely, will not be alone. The range of Executive cars for officials, and representatives of the top State bodies will join Limo, sedan, Coupe, SUV, and minivan.

At the moment, Government high officials prefer to travel by car brand Mercedes-Benz and BMW. "MK" told the spokesperson for "gas" vehicle for company bureaucracy is going to make on the German "donor" platform. According to experts, this is an adequate supply of gas to competitors ' offers to do členovoz from scratch.

Medvedev has long been "friendly" with "Gas": according to the Declaration, possesses a rare victory by 1948 year of production, as well as Gaz-21, 1962.

Though "Gaz" group and demonstrates unquestionable success through cooperation with foreign partners and new projects, but this "little" did not hide Oleg Deripaska. "We should cut the interest rate on loans for the industry at 5%, and then" we overfed banks ". They pumped up profits from the industry, "he said about the concerns of manufacturers.
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