DXpediţia VP6T Pitcairn Island

"In exactly one month VP6T team to start the journey to French Polynesia, the first stop in Tahiti for three days before boarding a small plane bound for the island of Mangareva, the closest airport to Pitcairn Island. From there we sail at sea for about three days and hope to get out on the air on or around 20 January (depending on weather).

Despite recent sea transport issues we have now secured the last portion of the road, and the good news is that we will extend their stay on the island for a week. Thus, instead of the activity take place from 20 to 29 January will be present in lane until 4 February. You now have one week in addition to contact us.

Please note that all travel and accommodation on the island is paid in full by each of the five operators (F6BEE, G3TXF, VE2TZT, FM5CD, F4BKV) and that any contribution / support from you will help us cover large logistics costs: due to restrictions required for air travel had to send in advance all masts, antennas and other heavy equipment by plane and boat from France to Mangareva. We would like to thank all radio amateurs and especially foundations and individual clubs and equipment suppliers who already gave us their support.

In addition we plan to be active from Tahiti and, if time permits, in Mangareva (Gambier Islands, IOTA OC-063) with sign TX6T.

Pitcairn Islands, officially composed of Pitcairn, Henderson, Oeno go and form a group of four volcanic islands situated in the South Pacific Ocean. Islands are British Overseas Territories and European Union Territories in the Pacific. The four islands are spread over several hundred miles of ocean and have a total area of about 47 km. ² island Only Pitcairn, the second largest and measuring about 3.2 km. is inhabited.

The islands are best known as being inhabited by descendants of the rebels British ship Bounty and the Tahitians (or Polynesians) who accompanied them, an actual event in 1789, reproduced in numerous books, including a historical novel by Mark Twain and no less than five films. Who Lieutenant Fletcher Christian person not associated with the role performed brilliantly alongside Marlon Brando Trevor Howard in the role of captain Bligh detestabilului in the movie "Riot on the Bounty", produced in 1962? (See an excerpt of the film presentation at the end of the article.)

Now history is reflected in surnames of islanders. With only 48 inhabitants (originating from four families: Christian, Warren, Young, and Brown) Pitcairn is the least populous jurisdiction in the world (although it is a "sovereign nation"). United Nations Committee includes the Pitcairn Islands on the list of non self-governing Territories.

Only a few pitcairnieni are descendants of four families, including a pastor and school teacher. The only way to reach the island is by sea, but storms and dangers soliciting sometimes prevented access port. A few years ago one of the supply ships coming three times a year failed on a reef on its way from Norfolk to Pitcairn.

Mail Service takes about three months, and for medical islanders must await a ship to transport in New Zealand, a few thousand miles to the west. All are Seventh-day Adventists, a cult that were converted after 1886, when an American missionary arrived on the island.

Islanders are self producing stamps and handicrafts; they sell mostly visitors arriving by boats. Their small income does not cover the enormous costs needed to produce electricity and freight transport, which reaches several thousand dollars per tonne. Britain has so far subsidized island, but it is uncertain whether it will continue to do so to pay for small expenses but its costly colonies.

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