Arrival Le Mauricia Grand Bay

We are on site right now. The weather is great. Hotel and beach are especially beautiful. Services do not excel. Not even food or cleaning is great. But it is exotic, warm and beautiful.
I've seen in the area and Hotel Le gunboat that is the same hotel chain - Beachcomber - but not beach liked.

Le Mauricia hotel beach is gorgeous, as well as beach vegetation and the gardens. But what I liked is that cleanliness is lacking. Anyway here do not think have too high standards of cleanliness.

Back with details.
added later, after the arrival
Like I said, the hotel itself is beautiful. The beach is amazing. Instead of umbrellas on the beach are coconut trees. The beach is sandy and smooth entry into the ocean, without stones or corals.
The hotel is located in Grand Bay, in the northwest of the island. The hotel can be reached in 2-3 minutes in the center of Grand Bay for shopping or terraces.

Very close is also a supermarket (Super U) for those who want to drink juice and beer cheaper than the hotel. The hotel is 180 rupees for a beer, which would mean about 18 RON. A whiskey cream is 400 rupees, about 40 RON. I would say expensive.

Going through Grand Bay south we found shops where prices are neighborhood locals - eg juice was 25 rupees :)

I do not know whether to recommend hateful or not because I for comparison. I saw Le gunboat where pools were not as beautiful as in Le Mauricia, not to mention the beach - the hotel Le Mauricia beach is much nicer. I do not know how clean sections are those of Le gunboat.

Food is not very diverse. In one typical evening had Chinese food and was really good, but otherwise we got to eat with bread and butter because I thought I do not really have that choice.

In the morning you can if you get satisfied with scrambled eggs, sausage, juice and coffee / tea croissant and NO more.

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