Harsens Island Elementary Mural Dedication

There will be a Mural Dedication ceremony on Friday, June 4, from 10 am to 11 am at Harsens Island Elementary. The theme of the mural is "Harsens Island Wildlife."

Click here for larger imageAt the beginning of the school year in September, the children of Harsens Island Elementary began working on journals and making sketches of Harsen's Island wildlife. Each of the 31 students of Harsen's Island Elementary have contributed sketches to the project. The childrens' sketches have been transformed into glazed clay tiles which will make up the mural of 112 total tiles.

The mural project was organized by Donna Russell, art teacher at Fair Haven Elementary. Mrs. Russell worked with the children and secured grant monies to help with the project.

Both the lower elementary teacher, Linda Mertz, and the upper elementary teacher, Lori Smith, as well as the students, are excited about the upcoming mural dedication.

The mural will be affixed to the front wall of the school for everyone to enjoy.

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