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Serpilor Island, as it is called today, is part of the province of Dobrogea, that good land where they lived first religious people. It is said that religion had appeared in Dobrogea and the Temple of Apollo at Serpilor Island was the first temple on Earth. Romanian legends and traditions have kept many memories and details about an imaginary world seems today that everything came so hard a fate doomed to oblivion contemporary world. Nicholas Densusianu, the great historian, he still got the white stone blocks, large, made of nobody knows where the island. Other blocks that formed the great temple were placed on top of each other without any construction material be used junction or joining. Proof that die as were megalithic constructions.

Serpilor Island is the most famous island history before the Trojan war but after the war. The name he bore are endless, but all it coagulates into a bunch of religions smile intangible described fine, shiny, almost unreal.

Tarot Bohemian remember that the book contains two of hearts, love, which is the emblem of the Royal Art of Dobrogea.

The first name of the island was Leuce, Leuke or White. It was an island that belonged to the cult of Apollo, the Hyperborean, which makes us think that was part of the first down. Atlantean cities on the banks of the Black Sea, Histria, Tomis, Techirghiol Callatis, Apollonia, they worshiped Apollo cult membership. Still lie on the seabed of the great fortress ruins and talk to existence of a great statue of Apollo in his chariot with horses totally solar gold. Underwater archeology is very difficult and expensive. Romanians are on the earth and holy water, unattainable for them. Ironic or cautious?

Island Legend is that there would be stopped Latvian mother divine twins Apollo and Diana, to give birth. Was followed by Serpilor Pyton to kill her, sent by the goddess Hera (translated Mistress). Zeus is legitimate father of the two children. Becomes god Apollo Solar, Diana, goddess Monthly. The story is of special beauty and complexity, with reference to cataracts universe of galactic sacred. Apollo killing the Serpilor when gold increases with an arrow and the arrow would be buried today in the Carpathian Mountains. The island gets its name Dragon or Serpilor Island (due gorgonelor who have lived here), in memory of killing the Serpilor. Interestingly Romanian traditions preserved legend of Novac, almost similar, which would have killed a large Serpilor that would upset people. Arrow cut it in seven places under the parallel of 45 degrees, killing him in Serpilor Island. Basically, the same story. Name of Delta Letea forest, oak forest only a delta Latvian mother called. Everything here is beautiful herds of wild horses that residents today are sending in slaughterhouses Italy illegally. What did the Romans? They watched TV!

Another name of the island is the Island of the Blessed, where dwelt the priests of Apollo. Island would be placed on a very powerful energy center, which would have caused similar effects called Bermuda Triangle area (where they discovered a pyramidal structure in deep water). The area around the island was inaccessible and only those who had penetrated to penetrate. Traditions of Romanian people say that water was brought fire people a fisherman who lost in island waters. A monk saved and asked to serve 7 or 9. Instead, peasant fisherman asked him to give him the secret of fire water, which it acquired late period. Most of the island is occupied by bee (Artemis - Diana is the goddess of bees among other attributes - height, liquid honey is considered Sun). White Island Temple is popularly called Monastery of wax with new altars. Lovinescu excellent talk about.

All this happened before the Trojan War, the island was born story Phoenix Bird who had nest in the temple and nowhere else. Ships filled with gifts and gold celebration and worship regularly came to the island. The island was a place where all heroes were buried Aryans and their previous. There were many mounds on the island, which stretches over a vast stretch of land than we know today. Mounds are another evidence of the generation of humanoid giants in the land there. After the fall of Cult Apolonian, although the temple remains functional, the island gets protection authority Achilles Achilleus, whose ashes funeral was filed in the temple, then buried. Measured and confirmed divining the Risvan Rusu at my request. Since then, one of the arms of the Danube, the great Okeanos Potamos, is called Chile in his honor. Achilles shadow now occur seafarers and accountable for the purpose and duration of visit on the island. Abnormalities leading to sudden disappearances and diving vessels were confirmed to the days of old and world wars.

Euripides is fascinating recounting how, immediately after the end of the Trojan War and the division of the spoils, shadow appears above the tomb of Achilles demanding royal blood sacrifice, namely the beautiful Polyxena, virgin as I recall. Here's the quote from Hecuba: "After enrollment and destruction of Troy, Achaeans conquerors shared the spoils. Prinsele were drawn by lot. Andro-maca, brave Hector's wife, fell by Neoptolemos, nicknamed Big Red (Pyrrhos), son of Achilles, visionary Cassandra fell into the hands of the supreme commander, Agamemnon etc. Only great hero, Achilles, perish before the conquest of the city, could not receive in return a woman of royal blood. Therefore, just as the fleet left the shore Troadei, Mi's shadow 'niată to Nazar over the grave, Helen cerîndude to sacrifice him Polyxena, daughter of Priam's youngest and Hecu-drink. while winds that suflaseră favorable to sunset, they slumbered, that sailors, after briefly crossing Helespon-ment, were forced to raise the boats on land, in Thrace. "self jerfirii episode of Polyxeniei is terrible. There appears to Hecuba, I do not remember where.

Serpilor Island appears in Indian religion (and how else, given that the Indians shared with the Romans gods). In Srimad Bhagavatam is the big name for 1000 Serpilors and others. I forgot. Soon forget!

In past years has been gaining legal chaos Serpilor Island. Russians wanted it, they backed out of it. That is, watching TV and football matches are among the most patriotic Romans. The time of Romania Emil Constantinescu lost control over the island. Strip of land left today is drilled, proving to hold significant quantities of oil. It was given at a rate of 25% Russians, Romanians accounting for 75%.

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