privacy policy

Privacy Policy
Author website (hereinafter called recognizes the importance of confidentiality of personal information of visitors. Below you can find the types of information received and collected about its visitors. Mention that such information will not be alienated in any way, will be used only for internal statistics.

Log files (log files)

As with most other websites, we collect and use information in log files. The information thus collected may include IP (Internet Protocol), information from your ISP (Internet Service Provider, ISP, such as RDS-RCS), the browser used by the visitor to access the page (eg Internet Explorer or Firefox), date and time of the visit, ie information about the sub were visited.

Cookies use cookies (information at to store information like personal preferences while visiting the page. These may include automatic connection to the forum each visit. during-the-third-party advertising displays Some advertisers may use technology such as cookies in the display of advertisements on the and may transmit information such firms (such as for example Google through the Google AdSense program)'s IP address, ISP, the browser the visitor and, in some cases, if he has Flash installed. They are usually used for more accurate filtering ads displayed on web pages by location or by visitors preferences (eg to display advertisements about recipes for visitors attending the pages of this type). You may deactivate or selectively turn off cookies page created by third parties or by applying appropriate settings in your browser or through a security program such as for example ESET Smart Security. In this case, however experience and interaction with your website may be affected - can cause including failure to connect to specific forums or accounts.

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